"Sometimes people are lucky enough to be asymptomatic, or have an immune response without getting sick and without a vaccine. Since I work in healthcare, taking care of people who have gotten sick with COVID-19, there is a chance I had an antibody response without knowing it."

Just like at home, you will wash your hands, and there will be hand sanitizer to use.  We will pack your backpacks with your own crayons, pencils and markers so you will not need to share with the other kids in your class.  When you do touch things everyone shares at school, like the pencil sharpener, it is a good idea to wash your hands after.



Lauren Block MD MPH is a primary care physician, Associate Professor at Zucker School of Medicine, and mom of three. She graduated from Yale College, Harvard Medical School, and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Adam E. Block PhD is a health economist, Assistant Professor of Public Health at New York Medical College, and father of three.  He received his PhD from Harvard and worked in Washington, DC helping to draft and implement the Affordable Care Act.

Lauren and Adam live on Long Island with their 7 year old twins Brandon and Elise, four year old Jordan and Zoe, the most loved dog in the world. Our family loves eating dinner outside, going to the beach and 80s music.

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by Susan Newman, PhD 5/18/20

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Port Washington couple writes COVID-19 book to educate kids about going back to school

Kelly Stays Home: The Science of Coronavirus

by Lauren Block MD MPH and Adam Block PhD

Illustrated by Alex Brissenden

PRINT VERSION NOW available from Amazon!



eBook now available via Apple Books, Barnes and Noble or Smashwords


“What is a virus?” asks Kelly as Joey climbs on his mother’s lap.
“A virus is a tiny germ. It is so small that if you piled the virus on top of each other it would take about a thousand to be the same thickness as a piece of paper or a hair.  It has little spikes on the outside that work like glue and stick to everything like Velcro.”

Your immune system, which fights infections, is very smart. The cells in your immune system learn about the virus and know how to stop it when it comes back. The immune cells make a microscopic army of antibodies which remember the infection and how to stop it, so that if you ever see the illness again, your body can fight it before it makes you sick.


Why we wrote Kelly Stays Home

After months treating COVID-19 patients in New York City this is what we teach our children about the science behind the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is the only children's book that goes into depth on the science behind the spread of coronavirus, how the virus causes the symptoms it does, and how vaccines contribute to herd immunity. You and your children will understand why the virus spreads so rapidly, how handwashing and social distancing can prevent transmission, how kids can help others during the pandemic, how people who become ill are treated in the hospital, and how you can protect your family from infection.




"This is a comprehensive yet simply worded book that explains, in clear language appropriate for children of many ages, the science behind COVID-19 and the rationale behind social distancing. It answers many questions that children may have, and helps provide an understanding of the disease, how it spreads, and measures that can be taken to protect children and their families from infection. A timely, much needed, and informative book for kids! "

- Dr. Esther Knapp, Assistant Professor, Pediatric Oncology, University of Louisville, KY

"This book is great. It is informative for both parents and children alike. It explains important scientific concepts about coronavirus in a developmentally appropriate way that is not scary for children. I will definitely be reading this to my own kids!" 

- Dr. Mariecel Pilapil, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, Northwell Health, NY

 "Kelly Stays Home is an accessible, warm, and welcoming book for parents and children trying to make sense of an unusual and often challenging time in the era of COVID-19.  In clear language that is never patronizing, the book explains the science of the novel coronavirus and the public health techniques necessary to fight it in a matter of fact way that will be appreciated by families everywhere."

Dr. Deborah Doroshow, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medical-Oncology at Mt. Sinai and Medical Historian

I came across your book "Kelly Stays Home". I loved, loved it. I immediately wanted to share it with my three grandchildren … and the world.  Thank you, for making this book happen. As an Immunologist, I find myself explaining COVID 19 to lay people, including children and this was a welcome resource.

Frances Santiago-Schwarz, PhD
Professor, Molecular Medicine at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell and the Elmezzi Graduate School, Northwell Health.
Chair, Research Committee of the Center for Global Health, Northwell Health



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